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Welcome to Falcon Software Solutions

Falcon Software Solutions brings your business to a new phase where point-of-sale will direct you towards achieving maximum profits.

With user-friendly, cutting-edge design, customized to your needs we offer excellent product quality and service.

We are a leading supplier in point-of-sale software and strive to supply absolutely functional software integrated with many effective features to serve your business best. Our software will become an effective tool for your business, serving your customers well.

We supply point-of-sale software to restaurants, bars, retail shops, hotels, golf clubs and other businesses.


What makes us different?

  • Our systems are user-friendly, easy to use and can be available for all types of businesses needing software applications to manage running their business operations.
  • Our software is technologically advanced and programmed in the latest versions of Microsoft Visual Studio.Net with Microsoft SQL Server.
  • We are an efficient source to generate good business solutions and are based in South Africa, and can serve worldwide.


Affordable & Personalised

Unique customised systems at competitive prices prepare your business to meet market challenges.

Proven & Trusted Experience

Providing clients with modern products and quality service for 28 years.

Responsible & Effective Design

Quality and powerful programming that adheres to industry standards giving you a competitive edge.

What our clients say…

Fred and Max

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