We supply a superior point-of-sale solution for small to large restaurants with Windows 10 technology for stability and minimum downtime. Exceptional high control is excessed over sales, payments and customer service with an internal reconciliation system to prevent mistakes and theft. Value added facilities like happy-hour specials, graphic table selection, table bookings, customer names on bills, seating, split bills, take-aways, item mapping, 9 different POS systems to choose from, Table transfers, hold and send meals, debtor integration, Pastel integration, loyalty cards, fingerprint readers, Zapper, SnapScan, Yoco integration, swipe and smart cards and many more.
We specialize in high-tech tablet software for point-of-sale & stock management. Our tablets run on a dedicated, secure Wi-Fi connection with 100% uptime and is not dependant on the internet. It is available all the time with a run-time speed faster than a normal terminal. Stock management is done with a tablet & blue-tooth barcode scanner to eliminate errors and speed up the capturing of data. Our software is specifically developed for Apple iPads due to their build stability. Our software also runs on all Android tablets and cell phones as well as on iPhones.
Exceptionally user-friendly Stock Management, requiring the minimum data input. Real-time functionality means you are no longer dependant on day or month end. Setup is quick & easy, done on one screen with sales items, stock items and recipes done simultaneously saving you time & reducing errrors. Real-time GP & food cost calculations over any period. Integration with electronic devices increases efficiency & accuracy. Full control over supplier purchases & scheduled payments, auto ordering to order supplies by email. Liquor tot-count is done with an integrated electronic scale & draught control is done in real-time. Easy & effective Out-of-Stock control.
A fast and easy to use POS System with high-speed facilities is available for high volume businesses. Unlimited sales items are available with bar-code scanning or PLU ‘s for smaller items. A built-in barcode generator can print barcodes for items without barcodes. A fully integrated scale is available to sell food by weight. The refund and stock return function handles stock returns from within the POS system.
1 Terminal - R850 p/m * 2 Terminals - R1000 p/m * 3 Terminals - R1300 p/m *T&C's Applies  *Software only  *All prices excl. VAT