Our Services

Custom Applicationsthink outside the box

Customized, detailed, and efficient systems, designed to deliver value!

The most powerful programming languages drive our software and all systems are designed to work under the Microsoft Windows environment.
Our systems fully integrate with other systems and hardware and we are sure you will be satisfied with your experience with us.
By keeping our prices affordable and offering comprehensive technical support, we offer you a chance to use IT solutions to streamline your business.

We are committed to providing customized systems, solutions, and services to our clients.

With 28 years of expertise, we aim to make your business more efficient—saving you time and money in implementing a point-of-sale system that suits your needs.


Maintenance and Supportsupportmaintenance

With our customer support we are prepared to respond swiftly to your needs. With customer service professionals ready to address your needs at a moments notice, its no surprise that our reputation for service and support has grown over the years.

Our commitment to meeting individual business needs extends to maintaining systems and providing quality procedures designed to improve product longevity.

We understand that customers needs evolve with the regular use of systems and as their business evolves with the market, regular maintenance and development is also required in order to preserve the value of software over time. We ease this process for our clients with round-the-clock support and a commitment to extending the life-cycle of systems.
For all latest software downloads and versions please click on the support tab.


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