Cloud Information

Data export

Cloud Information

To run a successful restaurant, is a 24/7 commitment and data to manage it, is of utmost importance. The owner can however not be in the restaurant all the time and does not have time to study the huge amount of data and reports. For this reason, Falcon summarises the most critical data and upload it daily to a cloud web server.

Special web software is used to view this information from any computer, tablet or mobile at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Data is updated on a daily basis and can be summarised over any period. Graphs are also available to show data tendencies and compare current with the previous year’s figures.

To access detailed data and reports, a cloud based facility is used to link from a remote PC, Tablet or Laptop via the internet to the restaurant server. This is the best and most secure way and is used by most POS software for many years.

The data reports for the following are available:


  • Sales
  • Discounts

Payments received:

  • Tips
  • Cash Payments
  • EFT Payments
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Vouchers Received
  • Charge to Accounts
  • Prepaid Payments
  • Payments received from accounts

Cash Payouts


  • Quantity Invoices
  • Total Voids Amount
  • Quantity Voids
  • Covers
  • Hours Clocked


  • Cash & EFT Banking
  • Credit Card Banking


  • Opening Float
  • Closing Float

Manager on Duty

  • Opening Manager
  • Closing Manager


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