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Mobile Technology

The utilization of mobile devises for point of sale are becoming more and more popular, mainly to save time and obtain high service levels. Falcon not only does point of sale with mobile devices, but also uses mobile devices for stock control purposes.

Falcon has a unique system to use the waiter’s mobile phones without compromising security and access when the waiter is not on duty. This feature is available for all Android and iPhone smartphones. The app can be downloaded and installed in a few minutes.

To ensure permanent availability for the point of sale, mobile devices utilize a secure Wi-Fi network and do not rely on an internet connection, therefore, no down-time will be experienced when your internet connection is offline.

Falcon use a local database for speed and extensive calculations in reports which will not be possible when the database is located on the web server. The database does however backup daily to Google Drive on the web which is a secure and free service from Google.

The benefit of mobile devices is that your staff can take orders directly at the table and orders are dispatched in real-time over your local wireless network to the 5 kitchen and bar order printers. One of the biggest benefit of mobile POS, is the fact that it is 3 times faster to take orders with a mobile device than to write down the order on paper and then got to a terminal to ring it up. It also assists the waiter to select the correct modifiers and kitchen order notes, preventing errors to the kitchen. A unique system allows the waiter to add items in any order and the software will automatically sort them according to Starters, Main Meals, Dessert, and so forth. This not only save time, but also eliminates waiter and kitchen errors.

The mobile POS system looks similar to the desktop POS system to not confuse the waiters. The mobile software is specifically developed to fit on the mobile devices. All the POS features on the desktop POS are also available on mobile devices.  Falcon uses a lot of graphics and all screens and images are in high resolution and in full color.

Some of the features of Falcon Mobile POS are:

  • 4 Point-of-Sale systems for restaurants
  • Service time control in real-time
  • Specials and happy hour POS
  • Split Bills & Table Transfers
  • Graphic table bookings with 5 seatings per day
  • Open tables with time service control in full color graphics.

Stock control facilities on mobile devices are in real-time and the following features are available:

  • Stock is ad to unlimited storerooms with or without a barcode scanner
  • Transfer stock from storeroom to storeroom is quick and easy and can also be done with a barcode scanner
  • Stock take can be done with a barcode scanner to speed-up the capturing process.
  • Stock levels is available in real-time for out-of-stock control
  • Stock-on-hand figures and estimated order quantities is available in real-time to do stock orders with the mobile devices
  • Invoices are captured with or without barcode scanners for stock quantity purchases and Pastel accounting.
Falcon Mobile POS and Stock Management will add more efficiency to any restaurant, bar or bistro and service levels will improve dramatically.
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