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The point-of-sale facility is considered to be the most critical part of the software restaurants use to function effectively. Due to the high volume of sales and payments received, it is critical that there is no downtime. Falcon Software uses the latest programming and database software available on the market. This ensures flawless operation and seamless integration with stock control, financial recons and debtor management.


Falcon has a few unique facilities to assist the waiters to improve their sales and service to your clients:

Different Point of sale systems are available for restaurants, bars, retail, deli and functions which can be used separately or simultaneously.

Sales item buttons are either colour coded or contain images to increase speed. The layout of sales items can be organised on the screen into groups for practical reasons, e.g. have the pizzas on the left side of the screen and the toppings on the right side of the same screen. Adding and removing of items therefor does not change the position of the items.

Selection of tables from a list in a large restaurant wastes time. A graphical layout of all the tables is available where the waiter can just touch the table to open it. To further simplify the process, all the waiters names are shown above the tables. 5 Layouts are available to split the restaurant in different parts, for example: restaurant, terrace and bar.

This same graphical layout is also used for table bookings with the customer name above the table. 5 Layouts are available to either split the restaurant in different parts or for different seating’s.

Restaurants that have a lot of regulars wants to make them feel welcome and appreciated. For this purpose, a facility is used to add the customer name to the bill. It is also handy to identify people at the bar, because the name shows next to the table name.

More and more restaurants are moving over to the new Mobile POS technology and use runners to take food to the tables. These runners, and sometimes also the waiters, do not know what food goes to what customer. It does not give a good impression when the customers are asked whose food is it. Falcon has a quick and easy way to specify the seating order to solve this problem.

With large groups it is usually the case that all the starters and main meals are rung up the same time. In these cases the kitchen needs to be informed to hold back the main meals until notified by the waiter. For this purpose, a facility is available to send a kitchen order note to the kitchen notifying them to hold the main meals. When the waiter wants the kitchen to start with the main meals, they simply have to select the table and press the “Send Mains” button and it will send the notification to the right kitchen printers.

For economical and service reasons, restaurants are forced to streamline their kitchens to cope with high volume orders and minimum staff. The importance of the order printers must not be underestimated, the smooth running of the kitchen absolutely depends on this. For this reason, extensive software and hardware technology is used to seamlessly handle 7 order printers like a well-oiled machine. All printers operate on Windows drivers which means the printer is not dependent on any POS terminal. Changing printers is quick and easy and can be done in seconds. An important feature is a notification that will show when a printer is off-line or out of paper.

Old software technology requires that that a group heading for example: STARTERS, MAIN MEALS or DESERTS must be selected before the items can be selected for that heading. This old school process forces the waiter to pick out the items from a piece of paper and items can easily be skipped, the result is food not being prepared together with the other food for that table. Falcon eliminates this problem by adding the heading to the item during setup, resulting in the items being rung up irrespective of the headings and the software will automatically put it under the correct heading. This not only saves a lot of time, but also eliminates skipping of items. Falcon’s handling of order printers takes order printing to an unparalleled level in kitchen automation.

The aim is to keep the waiter on the floor and not explaining to the kitchen how the food should be prepared. For this purpose Falcon uses 3 different facilities to specify to the kitchen how the food should be prepared. The first is 4 sets of modifiers example: rare, medium, well-done, chips, rice, etc. which is enforced and must be selected before continuing to the next item.The second facility is Kitchen Notes where up to to 3 lines of notes can be typed on a keyboard on screen. The third facility is a list of quick notes which is used a lot like No-Ice, No-Starch, Do-Not-Make etc. These order notes are one of the most used facilities in Falcon.

Specials and Happy Hour facilities are a necessity in any restaurant to increase sales. The problem is that waiters can often supply food and liquor to friends and regulars outside specified times. Falcon has a specific POS facility to control the availability of these specials per day and time, to the second. When setup, these items will only show on specified days and between specified times over which the waiter has no control. Specials can also be printed at the bottom of the bills.

Out of stock notification is important for waiters so that they do not sell items which are out of stock and then have to go back to the client with a red face. Old software technology can often result in the stock control system not being up to date resulting in item availability being wrong and unreliable. Falcon has a quick and easy way of controlling this notification in real-time by the chef and barman which the waiter can rely on.

Mobile payments are becoming more and more popular, especially under the youth. The Zapper and SnapScan mobile payments are therefore integrated into the software as a payment method.

Wines can be expensive and an expensive wine can easily be swapped for a cheap wine.  A barcode facility is available to scan the wine’s barcode, giving complete stock control over wines and one less thing to worry about.

Bill splitting is a necessity and is demanded by clients. Falcon has a powerful facility to quickly and easily split a bill into unlimited parts. Tables can also be transferred to another table or the waiter can be changed to another waiter in seconds.

More and more restaurants allow bills to be charged to corporate accounts to pay on a later date. Catering for functions also becomes an economical proposition and require a debtors facility. Falcon has a comprehensive debtors facility to handle these sales and supply statements and several debtors report. This facility is also used for staff and owner accounts. A loyalty card system is linked to the debtors account and POS system, allowing preset discounts on food and or liquor to be given by swiping a loyalty card or fingerprint.

Access to the POS system is controlled by: password, swipe card or fingerprint reader. These facilities are also used for authorization of voids, discounts and transfer of items.

A take-away facility is part of the POS system and prints sequential numbers on the bills and kitchen orders.

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