The Complete Solution for Restaurants, Bars, Hotels and Sports Clubs

Complete Solution for Restaurants, Bars, Hotels and Sports Clubs

Falcon has supplied software to the hospitality trade since 1987 with an excellent track record for excellence in software and support. The Falcon Point-Of-Sale system is fully Windows 10 compatible and uses the latest programming and SQL database technology.

Integration with Electronic Devices and Other Software

Integration with Electronic Devices and Other Software

Point-of-Sale Systems

Restaurant, Retail, Deli, Functions, Specials

A world class Point-of-Sale systems that covers all aspects to manage a restaurant and bar.  Different specialised POS systems handle up to 6 POS systems simultaneously, each with its own menus, prices and parameters. 4 Of these POS systems are for restaurants and bars and 1 for retail and 1 for a deli. Cash ups are done separately per POS system with a total day-end cash up.

Tablets have become the new norm in POS and a specialised tablet POS system will increase sales and service levels and also eliminate order and kitchen errors. Due to the deduction in walking time, an increase of up to 30% in table handling can be expected, resulting in less waitstaff needed.

Point-of-Sale Facilities

Terminal POS and Tablet POS


Loyalty cards, print promotions, cloud promotionsPromotions play a vital roll in growing a restaurant. Falcon supplies the necessary facilities to assist the manager to make a success of the restaurant. The setup of promotions is quick and easy and is available in real-time.

Stock Management and Control

Minimum data input, reduce human error, real time

The stock control system is easy to use and requires minimum data input. This is made easy by using electronic devices to speed-up the process and eliminating human error. Stock control only requires the setup of recipes once and then a stock-take and adding stock purchases. 25+ Reports are available between any 2 stock-take dates.

Debtors Module

Loyalty and Membership cards, full debtors system

This module is a full debtors system and handles all aspects of  the debtors. 2 Debtor facilities are available, namely for member fees and secondly as a current account for day-to-day transactions.


integrated accounting, sage pastel integration