The use of tablets for point-of-sale is gaining popularity world-wide and will most likely take over the point-of-sale terminals in the next 5 years.

Falcon has specialized tablet software that runs on an intranet connection with a dedicated, secure Wi-Fi connection resulting in a 100% network connection, available at all times with a run-time speed that is faster than normal terminals.

Although Falcon Tablet Software runs on all Apple, Android and Windows tablets and mobile phones, iPad Mini’s are preferred. This is due to their superior build quality, long battery life and the ability to use the device in bright light. Another advantage of using the Apple iPad device is that when network connectivity is lost, re-connection to the Wi-Fi network happens automatically when the device is unlocked, without any intervention or setup needed, the waitstaff won’t even know about it or experience a disconnection.

The following features are available:

  • Point-of-Sale with all the same features of the Falcon Point-of-Sale on the terminals
  • Bill splitting
  • Table transfers
  • Seating
  • Menu with photos and
  • Table bookings

Falcon Tablet Software is used by several of our customers dealing with high-volume establishments, delivering them with a highly satisfactory product.

Some feedback from our customers are:

  • Virtually no kitchen problems
  • Higher sales volumes
  • Less waitstaff needed
  • Waitstaff are more efficient and serve more tables
  • Better service is provided by waitstaff resulting in higher tips
  • Higher turn-around of tables
  • Seating position helps with large tables
  • Table transfers and bill-splitting can be done at the table

Tablets can also be used for stock handling purposes, this is done in real-time. A Bluetooth barcode scanner pairs with the tablet making it an easy, convenient and highly effective procedure.

The following features are available for stock handling:

  • Capturing supplier invoices, adding stock and accounting at the same time, in real time
  • Stock-on-hand is available in real-time to do stock ordering
  • Control stock levels are available in real-time for out-of-stock control
  • Stock take is done in real-time without the need of a stock sheet
  • Stock can be transferred between storerooms in real-time
  • Draught levels enquiry and control is available in real-time.