Falcon has 4 separate and fully integrated point-of-sale systems available for the bar, restaurant, halfway and golf shop.

All the POS systems share the same database to be able to handle member and financial data as well as stock transfers between storerooms and departments.

Stock Control

A comprehensive and fully integrated multiple storeroom system, handle
simultaneously all the  storerooms and point-of-sale terminals.

For more detail about the stock control system, see Falcon Restaurant, Bar and Retail  stock control.

Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards for members is very popular to reward members with certain benefits. These benefits are mostly used for discounts on food, liquor and/or golf items. A point system for purchases handles all member purchases and a integrated voucher system can be used to reward loyal members.


A comprehensive debtors system is used for a member current accounts where members can load money on a club card to use at any POS terminal. A member can top-up his account at any time at any POS terminal. An expiry date and credit limit is set per member account. Bulk statements for the member’s current  accounts can be emailed.

Member Administration

Additional to the member’s current account, there is also a membership account available for membership fees or any other debit or credit transactions. Bulk statements for this accounts can be emailed.


Cash-ups handles unlimited cashiers and waiters for all the POS systems simultaneously. It also includes payments received for member accounts and cash purchases. A reconciliation system balances all sales with money received before it send the financial data to Pastel.


100+ real-time reports between any 2 dates. All reports export to Excel

Integrates to Pastel via a cloud internet server. Management information is placed on the Falcon Cloud server for directors to see via internet.


A golf booking system is integrated into the Point-of-Sale system with 10 bookings types. Up to 4 golf courses can be handled simultaneously.

The Phoenix booking and planning system for golf days, conferences and functions is integrated into the Falcon point-of-sale system. See the Phoenix Booking system for more details.