Restaurant & Bar POS

A complete solution for small to large restaurants with Windows 10 technology for stability and minimum downtime. High control over sales, payments & customer service with an internal reconciliation system to prevent mistakes and theft. Many value added facilities like: Happy Hour Specials, Graphic Table Selection, Table Bookings, Customer Names on Bills, Seating, Split Bills, Takeaways, Item Mapping, 9 Different POS Systems to choose from, Table Transfers, Hold and Send Meals. Various Integration such as Sage Pastel loyalty cards, fingerprint readers, SnapScan, Yoco, Zapper, swipe and smart cards and many more.

Falcon Software offers a few time-saving and human error prevention features:

  • Up to 7 kitchen order printers are supported for comprehensive menus and kitchen orders. We also support the facility for a Pass Manager(s) to control high volume kitchen orders.
  • The opening of tables is done with graphical restaurant layouts and table images. Up to 5 different layouts are available and it works with drag and drop technology. Table bookings are also done with a similar graphical layout.
  • Auto grouping of sales items for kitchen order printing is extremely important and time saving. We set these groupings/headings only once and waitstaff can then enter the items from the top to bottom of their written slip without having to consider which item belongs to what category. The system will automatically group them and print them under different headings. Needless to say, it saves a lot of time and no items are skipped.
  • The layout to selecting sales items can be done alphabetically or it can be set to a specific layout format. The benefit of the latter is that sales items can be grouped to assist waitstaff in finding items quickly. The layout does also does not shuffle every time a new item is added. Buttons for sales items can have images or a different colour background for easy identification.
  • A special POS system is available for specials. Special sales items will only show in the POS system on a specific day and specific time as set up. Items only need to be set up once. Up to 800 items are available for specials.
  • Buttons for [Hold Main Meals] and [Send Main Meals], sends messages to the kitchen order printers to save the waitstaff the time of going to the kitchen.
  • Split-bills are usually a nightmare for waitstaff, except with Falcon Software! The splitting process is fast, easy and secure and can even be done by the waitstaff, if so desired. The same applies for transferring customers from one table to another.
  • Except for the standard modifiers and kitchen notes facilities, Falcon Software also has Quick Notes to assist waitstaff to add up to 3 lines of kitchens notes.
  • The following payment types are available: Cash, EFT, Credit Cards, Vouchers, Prepaid and Charge Accounts. Falcon Software also integrates seamlessly into mobile payment vendors like Zapper, SnapScan and Yoko or any other mobile payments that might become available in the future.
  • A barcode scanning facility is integrated into the POS to ring-up wines, beers, cold drinks or any items with a barcode. This not only saves time, but also reduces human errors and stock control variances.
  • A special facility for seating is available to specify which item goes to what client. This is highly effective with tablets where runners are used to deliver the meals to the table.
  • A special feature on the login screen shows bookings, waiter tables, order details and slow tables. Printing of bills and seating can also be done from here to save time.
  • Adding a name or note to an invoice is handy in some instances, especially when waitstaff service a lot of tables. Even though this function is not used often it is available.
  • A restaurant logo is printed on all bills and is stored in the database so that it is not printer dependent. Kitchen order fonts are increased for easy reading. Due to Windows printer drivers, a high-quality print is provided to give a professional look.