Our Retail and Deli POS offers the following features in assisting you to streamline your business:


  • The Falcon Point-of-Sale system can be used with or without a touch screen.
  • The POS system has unlimited sales items with bar-code scanning or item selection.
  • An electronic scale is integrated into the POS system to sell food by weight.
  • Bar-codes printed by a bar-code scale is also facilitated.
  • Quick and easy item look-ups.
  • Out-of-Stock control is easy to use and is very effective.
  • Multiple payments for cash, cheques, credit cards, vouchers, SnapScan and Zapper.
  • A debtor system for charging to accounts for clients and staff.
  • Access, void and discount control by pin, swipe cards and or fingerprint readers.
  • Voucher issuing with control over amount and voucher redeem.
  • Loyalty cards with point accumulations for purchases.
  • Integrated credit card pin pad with ADSL connection for instant approval.
  • Promotions can be also be printed on bills.

 Cloud Information

  • 120+ real-time reports between any 2 dates.
  • Integrates to Pastel and Excel.
  • Cloud information in real-time on the internet.
  • Integrated clocking system with multiple clocking per day.

Stock Control

  • Real-time GP and Gross Profit analysis.
  • Stock take with mobile bar-code scanner.
  • Supplier purchases are captured by invoice to update stock and accounting at the same time to control quantities and stock prices.
  • Real-time stock on-hand with order make-up on demand.