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Stock Management

We simplify the stock control process by removing all double entries of data and make use of electronic devices to count stock. We use a streamlined system that is based on calculating stock variances and stock-on-hand levels by using only the data entered for closing stock, stock transfers and stock purchased. This method enables stock control to be done between any 2 stock-take dates.

The setup of the stock control system is quick and easy. Sales items, stock items and recipes are done on the same screen to save time. GP and food cost calculations are done in real-time as the recipe is done.

An excellent device to count stock is a mobile data collector, it is used by entering the quantity on the device and then scanning the barcode. When all the stock has been scanned, this device is placed in its cradle and the stock is transferred into Falcon by the press of a button. For stock items without barcodes, we have a feature to print barcodes using the stock ID code. Needless to say, the stock count and items are always correct.

The control of draught, post mix and wine in canisters, is difficult and is subject to theft and wastage. It is also difficult to determine if a full keg or canister is received. We have a very successful method to control this without using a scale or flow meter and the levels are given in real-time.

Counting liquor tots is a guessing game. Falcon Software integrates with an electronic liquor scale to calculate the quantity of tots in a bottle. A barcode scanner is used to identify the liquor, this way human errors are eliminated. A specialised daily liquor control system is available, letting you do this on a daily basis in under 30 minutes. Although it provides liquor control variances on a daily basis it can also show liquor variances over any period.



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