After consultations with existing clients, we are convinced that take-aways will play an important role in restaurants now and in the future. To cater for this, we have upgraded our current Take-Away facility and added a streamlined delivery management system.

The new Take-Away facility now consists of the following features:

• Specific tables are used for take-aways that distinguish between walk-ins, self-delivery and delivery agents like UberEATS, Mr D Food and OrderIn.
• 2 integrated POS systems are available to cater for take-aways with different prices for different delivery agents and in-house items. Up to 1,600 take-away items can be accommodated.
• Order numbers, starting from 1 every day, are printed on both the kitchen order note and the bill to manage orders.
• An easy-to-use delivery system is integrated into the Falcon POS system and caters for both self-delivery and delivery by agents. The client’s name, cell phone number and address are kept in the Falcon database for fast retrieval. The name, cell phone, driver, agent and address is printed on the bill.
• A Progress Status Board is available to monitor and manage take-away orders, agents, time received and send status.
• Details and Summary sales figures are available to control agent’s commissions and payments.

The Take-Away delivery facility is available FREE of charge to all existing Falcon clients.