Effective promotions are one of the key elements to make a restaurant successful.

Falcon offers the following promotional tools to assist the restaurateur in this journey:

  • Specials can be printed at the bottom of the bills. A few of these promotions can be developed and rotated on a weekly basis to inform all you clients. The setup and changing of these adverts is quick and easy and can be done in less than a minute.
  • TV adverts are a powerful medium to show pictures of your products and advertise specials. The setup is quick and easy, you only need a photo. A variety of adverts can be setup and activate as needed. It is exceptionally user-friendly to control and will take only a few minutes.
  • Emailing of specials in full colour to your customers is very much appreciate. Falcon offers an easy to use cloud application to setup these adverts and email it in bulk to the customers. Customers can be placed in categories to target a specific customer group. An application can be printed at the bottom of the bill for your customers to fill in if they want to receive these promotional emails.
  • A specials or happy hours’ system controls the availability of these items depending on the day and time – it is controlled to the second. The setup of these items is protected and will only show during the allowable time, thus, no more unauthorised selling of items to friends.
  • To increase turnover in slow months, promotional swipe cards are available to give discount on food and liquor for a specific period. This is highly effective and easy to manage. Reporting is available on discounts given.
  • A special voucher system is available to create vouchers. Vouchers are then redeemed depending on the maximum amount of the voucher and on the voucher number. These vouchers form part of the cash-up. Reporting is done on vouchers redeemed and outstanding.
  • Loyalty cards are available for restaurant customers and sports club members to reward them with certain benefits based on membership type and sales volume.

The loyalty card system is linked to a debtor’s accounts with a swipe cards. Fingerprints can also be used for identification. A photo will show when a swipe card or fingerprint is used. The following facilities are available for swipe cards and fingerprints:

  • Charging of purchases to a debtors account are subject to a time and credit limit.
  • Different loyalty discounts are given on food, liquor or items.
  • Points are accumulated for purchases of food, liquor or items.
  • Discounts can be given immediately, credited to the client’s debtors account or be used to accumulate points.

Reporting is available over any period of time for customers and members for:

  • Points accumulated
  • Discounts given and
  • Total discounts given on food, liquor and items

Cloud Information

Managing a restaurant is a 24/7 commitment requiring notification of problems in real-time.


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