Real-Time Stock Control

Real-Time Stock Control

Stock Management is one of the most important and time consuming tasks of a manager and the successful handling thereof mostly determines if the management and the restaurant is successful or not. Where other point of sale systems only concentrate on control stock, Falcon also manages your stock in all its aspects. This is done by managing the flow of stock from the placing of an order, all the way to selling it in a simple yet very effective way. Multiple input of the same data is completely eliminated to save time and eliminate capturing errors.

Falcon’s real-time stock management system enables data to be captured on any day and not necessary on the day the stock has been taken or invoices received. It is also not dependant on the day-end procedure, which mostly frustrates staff to capture data late at night, making a lot of mistakes due to tiredness. The way Falcon operates has over the past 28 years, proven to be the most effective and user-friendly way to manage stock effectively.

Real-time stock control has an important and very handy feature, namely that all stock control reports can be drawn over any period of time. This enables the manager to research different scenarios, to identify problems and improve their management.

The input of data is not limited by a day-end, week-end or month-end procedure any data can be captured by simply selecting a date and the data will be saved to that date.

Although stock can be taken the old school way by means of a stock sheet and entering the data by using a PLU code, a grid is available where stock items are in the same sequence as the stock sheet, to save time and to eliminate mistakes. Writing down the quantities first and capturing it in the software not only wastes a lot of time but mistakes are also made in the process. Falcon uses tablets where the quantity is typed in on the touch screen and a barcode scanner is used to scan and identify the product. The data is stored in real-time on the database with no mistakes in quantity and item type. An integrated mobile data capture device can also be used where data can be scanned and the data then downloaded to the database.

Counting of liquor tots with a ruler or estimate by eye is inaccurate, time consuming and old school. Falcon has an electronic scale which is connected to the POS terminal to count tots. The bottle is placed on the scale and the barcode is scanned. The tots are calculated with 100 % accuracy and liquor type identified with the barcode, therefore, no mistakes can be made.

A real-time draught control facility is available for unlimited draughts without using a flow meter or scale. The only input needed is to press 1 button when the keg is changed. The quantity of draughts sold is calculated into litres and compared to the keg’s volume. The variance between draught sold and the draught usage is shown in a report over any period of time. A real-time level in the keg is also shown as a figure and in a graph.

A comprehensive manufacturing facility is available to manufacture sales items like bread, scones, desserts etc. These manufactured items are then added as sales items, but still allow for stock control over its ingredients.

Stock level management is important in the sense that stock levels must cater for season fluctuations. Falcon shows  stock levels for stock items under a minimum level, all in real-time. This minimum is increased or decreased according to a pre-set season parameter. This facility is also available on a tablet or mobile phone.

An auto-stock ordering system calculates the required stock to be ordered instantaneously. Ordering is quick and user-friendly and can be emailed to the supplier. Receiving stock is also quick and easy and the invoice is captured with the press of a button without re-entering the data again.

Stock management is highly dependant on analysing figures to eliminate problems and improve stock control. To do this, Falcon provides reports over any period of time. Some of the reports are:

Stock Management Reports:

  • Stock Sheet with stock prices and PLU codes for stock take purposes
  • Stock sold quantities
  • Stock add per storeroom
  • Stock purchases per supplier
  • Daily stock purchases
  • Stock variance control
  • Stock on hand
  • Stock valuation
  • Stock Transfers
  • Draught Control
  • . . . and many more

Sales Management Reports:

  • Sales analysis
  • Sales per terminal
  • Sales Performance
  • Sales per table
  • Spending Analysis per cover
  • Time Sales
  • . . and many more

Tailor-made reports can be done by means of a Report Builder, a free download from Microsoft.

To fully control a restaurant, both its money and stock must be controlled. If one of these is neglected, opportunities for theft and wastage are created. Falcon integrates cash-ups with purchases in a user-friendly way, giving the owner full peace of mind that their restaurant is fully controlled by Falcon.

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