Falcon Software Download Center

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Falcon.NET & Phoenix.NET:

Installer for Falcon.NET POS: FalconSNet.application (2020-10-19)
Installer for Falcon.NET POS: Setup_FalconS.NET.rar (2020-06-25)

Reports for Falcon.NET POS: Reports.rar (2020-10-19)
Installer for Falcon Guest: Setup_Phoenix.NET.rar (2020-03-30)
Reports for Falcon Guest: ReportsGuest.rar (2020-03-30)
Installer for Windows Tablet: Setup_FalconTablet.rar (2019-08-26)
FalconTablet default configuration files: TABLETPOS.rar
FalconTablet default configuration files for Cloud Database Services: TABLETPOScloud.rar
Installer for Windows Tablet: Setup_PhoenixTablet.rar (2016-08-23)
Installer for Digital Persona U.are.U RTE 32-bit: DPU.are.U.RTE.x86.rar
Installer for Digital Persona U.are.U RTE 64-bit: DPU.are.U.RTE.x64.rar
Microsoft .NET 4.8 x86 & x64: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=49982
Microsoft SQL 2019 Express: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=866658
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 18.6: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/ssms/download-sql-server-management-studio-ssms
Microsoft SQL 2019 Express Falcon2019 Config Files: SQL2019ConfigFiles.rar
SQL Import Studio: SQL_Tools_Setup_x86.zip
Epson OPOS for .NET (v.1.12.24): OPOSN1.12.24.exe
Bixolon OPOS for .NET: BixolonOPOS.rar
Microsoft POS for .NET (v.1.12): MicrosoftPOS.rar
Calibri Font Pack: CalibriFont.rar
Images: Images.rar
SQLBackupAndFTP: SqlBakSetupAzure.rar
Cypherlab Mobile Stock Take with Driver: MobileStockTake.rar
USB Cash-drawer Interface Driver: USBCashDrawerInterface.rar

Printer Drivers
Epson Advance Printer Driver 4.56cE: APD_456cE.rar

Falcon.NET – Android

Microsoft RD Client: MicrosoftRemoteDesktop_8.1.37.135.apk
Installer for Android AppLock+: AppLock+.apk

Falcon Mobile Apps

Falcon Cloud (experimental): FalconCloud.apk
Golf Anywhere  (experimental): GolfAnywhere.apk

Pro Surveillance Systems:

For Windows: Older CCTV/DVR Software can be downloaded here. Please see the guide here for help in getting started and configure the software.
Smart PSS can be downloaded here.
For Android: gDMSS Lite can be downloaded here.
For iOS (Apple): gDMSS Lite can be downloaded here.


Download WinRAR here!

Internet Remote Desktop Support:

AnyDesk: AnyDesk.exe
TeamViewer: support.exe