I will start by quoting a piece off our website “They say hindsight is 20/20 which means that we don’t always see the moment for what it is when we’re in it” This is especially true when it comes to the modern world of point-of-sale technology. Everything needs to be done faster and more efficiently and software and hardware technology around us is changing every day whether we like it or not. We have seen the necessity in keeping up to date in this ever changing world, one example is the upgrades of the Microsoft operating systems and the problem of having any POS software run on their XP operating system. You may ask yourself “but my system is running perfectly?” The answer is simply, yes, however Microsoft has stopped their support on Windows XP. If you are still running Windows XP, your system you will be open to a world of problems that you honestly should avoid at all necessary costs.

Point of sale systems have revolutionized the restaurant industry and technology is moving business forward. In the most recent technologies, registers are computers with touch screens and now the new trend of mobile devices such as iPad’s or tablets. The rise of phone-based payments (Zapper, Snapscan) and increasing prevalence of interactive displays will fundamentally change how retailers, restaurants, and all other physical stores will accept payment. In short if you are a retailer who refuses to upgrade your point of sale approach, it is quite possible you will be left behind in a world consisting of calculators, receipts and endless late nights of inventory checks. We aim to provide our clients with a user-friendly system enabling you to bring your business forward in the 21st century, here’s how we can do that for you:

Easy, user-friendly POS

Your wait staff are essential to the effectivity of your business and our aim is to provide a simple solution for your restaurant in order to make it as easy and effective for them to perform their daily tasks: Sales item buttons can be colour coded or consist of images and the layout of the buttons can be organised to speed-up operations, 5 kitchen order printers with notifications, item and table transfers for table changes and bill splitting, free-hand and quick kitchen prep notes to handle any clients requests, multiple payment for cash, cheques, credit cards, vouchers, SnapScan, Zapper, tips and much more.

The back end of your business is just as important and any time-saving features for a manager or owner are essential. Let’s look at a few ways we can do this for you: specials can easily be set up by selecting a specific day and time period, out-of-stock control which is very easy and effective, easy compilation of recipes with modifiers, speed buttons to save you time when having to enter duplicate information, an easy debtor system for charging to accounts for clients and staff, secure access and void functionality, real-time reports, a comprehensive cash-up system with full recon between sales and money received. The comprehensive Falcon POS system with multiple user levels, pricing controls, ticket handling, order routing, menu management, and reports, will give you increased control over your restaurant operations.

Stock Control

There are a few key aspects to inventory management: knowing how much you have, how much you have sold and how much you need. In the past this inventory management required a lot of counting, balancing of all your paperwork, guesswork and most definitely some frustration along the way. Our aim is to streamline this process by making it as easy as possible and more time effective for you.

Technology has provided us with wonderful equipment to streamline this process such as mobile barcode scanners, simply scan your products barcode and add the amount of stock. Supplier purchases are easily captured by invoice to update your stock and accounting controlling your quantities and stock prices. A few other key essentials we provide are; real-time Gross Profit analysis, real-time stock on hand with order make-up on demand and specialized daily stock control systems for liquor control in the bar.

If inventory management isn’t reason enough for you to upgrade your POS system perhaps reward methods will persuade you.  Reward programmes most definitely lure customers and for that reason alone having a POS system that can accommodate this makes a lot of sense.  Loyalty cards for members or customers is a very popular way to reward members with certain benefits. An integrated voucher system can also be set up and used to reward loyal customers or members.

24/7 Support

As a business owner, we understand that there is very little time that you actually get to ‘check out’ of your business so we have provided the convenience of cloud computing for you to check all the necessary analytics of your business from the comfort of your home.

The other inevitability is that your POS system is most probably going to malfunction at some point, most likely at the worst possible time, that unfortunately is the nature of technology. With our customer support we are committed to reply swiftly, regular maintenance and development is also required in order to preserve the value and longevity of software over time, we ease this process for our clients with round-the-clock support and a commitment to extending the life-cycle of systems.

We understand technology can be frightening but it really doesn’t have to be. The future is now and technology can make the running of your business easier than ever, let us help you do just that!

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