Most people have a natural resistance to change, unfortunately this is also largely applicable to software. The fact is, we need technology to help us do more with less effort. To achieve this, we require faster ways to get the job done. This technology is mostly available using the latest operating systems like Windows 8 and 10. Although touch screen technology has been used for the past 10 years in point-of-sale systems, it is now becoming very popular, useful and available in all tablets.

The benefits of mobile devices are endless, having your POS system available, literally in the palm of your hands makes taking orders from your clients effortless saving you time and money. Enjoy all the same features of the POS system on a handheld device. One of our clients operating a group of 5 restaurants implemented the tablet POS 2 years ago and his feedback was that he reduced his staff by 20% and increased his turnover by 30% and initially he had a problem because the kitchen could not keep up – now that is a “problem” we would all like to have?

Mobile Tablets

Stock take for managers done on tablets ensures you are mobile and able to move around freely and is so convenient that once you start implementing a system like this, you will wonder how on earth you managed without it. Capture invoices as a delivery takes place, add the stock, control your stock level, order new stock and even transfer your stock if you have multiple store rooms. Adding devices such as a Barcode Scanner or Data Collector if you have a large storeroom or multiple storerooms are worthwhile investments to make your life even that much more convenient freeing up your time to spend on other needed tasks.

Mobile devices for stock take

As Brandon Fluharty mentioned in an article: “we see the millennial generation being mentioned in an article or blog post everywhere you look. They fundamentally act, behave and consume differently than any other generation, and technology is at the heart of almost everything they do. It is millennials who likely make up the majority of your staff and are certainly the next crop of consumers to engage with if you want your restaurant to enjoy longevity.”

This bring me to the wait staff at restaurants, technology is easy for them and most own a smartphone so why not have the POS installed on their smartphones making it easy for them to serve clients at the table? We have done this and implemented it with great success. No costly expenses of purchasing terminals, tablets or iPads, no security risk on the part of the restaurant owner or manager. Waiters are activated at the beginning of their shift and deactivated at the end of their shift by a manager – it really is that simple!

Smartphones for POS

Technology can be frightening but it is definitely not something to avoid and everyone that has taken the step into this new direction agrees after a short time, that it was the right thing to do.

As Arthur C Clarke quoted: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.”

Let us help you get that magic in your restaurant, contact us today to get Falcon Mobile POS!